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mori cafe
Vegan japanese cuisine
Teriyaki don
Ponzu eggplant



Season’s special : bento 15€

Rice, umeboshi, soy karaage, potato salad (with mayonnaise and corn), green bean shiraae (salad with creamy tofu and tahini), red onion pickle, lemon.

Gl (traces)  So Se Ai S

Onigiri bento box 15€

* take away & pre order only * 

1 shiso & shibazuke onigiri, 1 edamame & sansho pepper onigiri, soy karaage, potato salad, green beans shiraae (creamy tofu salad), red onion pickles, lemon.

Gl (traces)  So Se Ai S

Miso ramen 16€ 🌶️

Noodles, homemade broth made with miso, kombu, ginger and garlic. Topping : corn, bean sprouts, raw leek, menma (bamboo shoots), shichimi (7 spices), togarashi 
Gluten free option (konjac noodles) +3€
Ramen and rice set 17€50

Gl  So Se Gi Ai 


Teriyaki don 16€ 💕

Big bowl of rice topped with vegan meat (beyond meat) and onions, teriyaki sauce, green onion, japanese pickles, togarashi

Extra homemade spicy sauce +1€50

Gl (traces)  SSe S


Tantanmen 17€50 💕🌶️ 

Our famous ramen with noodles, broth made with miso, tahini, kombu, ginger, garlic and oatmilk. Topping : green onion, vegan meat, renkon chips, spicy oil, buckwheat seed, shiso, sesame seeds, togarashi 
Gluten free option (konjac noodles and soy milk) +3€
Extra noodles +2€50
Extra spicy oil + 1€
Ramen and rice set 19€

Gl  So Se Gi Ai S



Ponzu eggplant (served cold) 7€5New !

Half a roasted eggplant, homemade yuzu ponzu sauce, grated daikon, green onion, togarashi, sesame seeds

So Se O

Mini donburi 8€50 💕

Rice bowl with vegan meat, onions, secret sauce, crispy chili sauce, green onion, pickles, togarashi, sesame seeds

So Se Ai O S


Chili tofu 8€ 💕🌶️🌶️

Silken tofu (150 g), soy sauce, crispy chili oil, togarashi, sesame seeds

So Se Ai S


Sansho pepper edamame 4€



Rice bowl 3€

miso R.jpg
Miso ramen
Kinako ice cream



Kinako ice cream with Okinawa dark sugar sirup 5€ 💕

Extra mochi +0€50

So S

Ice cream "Parfait" 12€ - To share (or nah!)

Homemade frozen yogurt, puffed rice, kiwi, strawberry, vegan whipped cream, matcha cake, kinako ice cream, buckwheat biscuit, dango, anko
Gl  So F  S

Premium matcha cookie 4€

Gl  So F  S

Black sesame flan 5€ 💕

Gl  So Se S

Dango mochi 5€50 💕

5 mochi balls with kinako powder, whipped cream and anko

So S

Café gourmand 9€

Coffee, mini cookie, dango and kinako ice cream
Gl  So F S

cafe G.jpg
Café gourmand


We prepare all our latte with soy milk
Oatly +0€50
Coffee : “Esperanza”, Italy, Organic
Tea : From differents region of Japan, Organic
Extra espresso shot +1€



Expresso 2€10

Decaf 2€20

Double 3€10

Americano 2€50

Noisette (espresso with

a dash of milk) 2€50

Hot yuzu (yuzu juice, lemon and ginger) 5€



Iced coffee (2 shots of espresso) 3€50

Homemade yuzu lemonade 5€50 💕

Ramune (japanese soda) 20cl 6€

Mugicha (barley tea) 4€50

yuzu cocktail.jpg
Tokyo mule

Hot or cold

Coffee latte (1 shot of espresso) 4€50

Flat white (2 shots of espresso) 5€50

Mugicha (barley tea) 4€50

Black sesame latte 5€50 💕

Hojicha latte 5€50 

Chaï latte with japanese black tea powder 5€50

Matcha latte (with Oatly milk) 6€ 💕

Tea and herbal tea

Sencha 5€

Hojicha (roasted green tea) 4€50

Genmaicha (green tea with puffed rice) 5€ 💕

Premium matcha (without milk) 6€50 💕

Sobacha (Buckwheat) 4€50 💕

Gogokucha (5 cereals) 4€50

Mugicha (Barley tea) 4€50


Cocktails and alcohols

KIRIN beer 5€50 

Lager, sweet and hoppy. 33 cl


0% alcohol and the same taste ! 33 cl

SAPPORO beer 6€ 

Lager, fruity. 33 cl 


Matcha beer 7€50 

KIRIN beer with a dash of matcha


Tokyo mule 11€ 💕

Like a moscow mule but : shochu sake, lime juice, ginger beer, fresh ginger


Matcha martini 12€ 💕

Like an espresso martini but : matcha, shochu sake, vanilla sirup, oatmilk


Saké nihonshû DASSAI 45 11€50 

Premium quality nihonshu sake poured in a masu (traditional box made with cypress wood). Sweet and fruity, 16°.

matcha cocktail.jpg
Matcha martini



💕 Bests sellers

🌶️ A little spicy

🌶️🌶️ Spicy

Gl : gluten

So : soy

Ar : peanuts

F : nuts (almond, hazelnut...)

Se : sesame

Gi : ginger

Ai : garlic

O : onions

S : sugar

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