Vegan japanese restaurant & tea room


2 rue des Taillandiers 75011 PARIS



What is Mori Café?
Mori is the first all-vegan Japanese restaurant and tea room in France.

We offer an authentic, homemade cuisine, mostly organic. 
The opening is scheduled for early 2020 in Paris.

Who's behind Mori Café?
My name is Julia, I am half French and Japanese. I have always loved to eat since I was a child and I used to watch my mother cook. I quickly got my hands dirty.

As a vegan, I reinvented my mother's recipes to create my own Japanese and vegetarian cuisine. Today with Mori, I want to show the authenticity of Japan in Paris while showing that vegan dishes can be creative and good!


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May 2020 - What's going on?

We survived the Covid-19 and are almost ready to welcome you on June 23rd !

Where to find us?

Mori café is located at 2 rue des Taillandiers 75011 PARIS.


You can access by subway with lines 1, 5 and 8 (Métro Bastille and Ledru-Rollin) or by bus with lines 29 (Bastille) and 61 (Charonne-Keller).



What can we eat at Mori's?
Mori will be both a restaurant and a tea room. At lunchtime, you can find Japanese comfort food. During the day, you can come and sip a black sesame latte with a dorayaki. The menu will change regularly, according to the seasons and traditions. 


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